Thursday, July 30, 2020

Sanrenmu SRM 9306

Here's my new SRM 9306. Very nice slim knife for $20. Do I like 8Cr13MoV?
Haven't tried edge retention on this one so I can't say but it's a light duty folder so I don't mind.

The thing is, I want to gift it to a friend who destroys every knife within some months anyways, the most important part will be the bottle opener I guess.
And the blade will have greenish-brown residue on a blunt tip on it but by then it won't be my knife anymore, nothing to bother about ;)

Size comparison with the Boker Urban Trapper (01BO732)

I don't know if it will be ever possible to open this knife comfortably with the thumb studs but oiling the tang and opening/closing it a few times helped already.
The closing torque point is a bit smoother than the opening one, so it's a bit difficult to overcome the last few degrees while opening it onehandedly, with two hands it's working very well, even without nail nicks, and it also hold the blade open with enough force.

The etching on the UT is definitely nicer, subtle bronze, one reason not to polish away the scratches it has.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Boker+ Urban Trapper + Green Thorn Mouse 3 (Slysz design)

Böker Plus Urban Trapper -  bronze anodized handle and clip, polished G10

In comparison with the Green Thorn Slysz Mouse 3, my workday edc knife

I've bought the Urban Trapper used with a broken off clip, a scratched blade and gritty action due to strpped screws.

Böker sent me the clip and a set of screws for free, even postage was free, what a great service!
Until it came I made a filler tab from the smaller piece but I doubt I will cann the knife without the clip.

After polishing the G10 is looking really great, still I'll try to make some Scottish scales for it ;)

The rags are prepared, now I hope my friend can vaccuum laminate it for me.

I'm not sure if I'll polish the blade to get rid of the scratches, the lasered logo has such a nice bronze tint and even changes its color in different angles that I'm scared to damage that by polishing.

I also have no clue if I'll anodize the GT Mouse. I tried on some pieces to get an entropic anodizing finish and I seem to head in the right direction but it needs a very specific temperature and a fast quenching to look good.
I guess I'll stick with the orange peel surface, that's something I can reproduce.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Swiss leather key fob and card holder


My son wanted a badge with Laufen castle at the Rheinfall, so I made one

Next project:

New backside

CD case for my b-i-l

Friday, April 24, 2020

King Tut's car GPS's leather case

Some time ago I've made a simple slip case for my car GPS to be able to store it when it's too hot or too cold in the car. I managed to lose this sleeve so I had to make another one.

What could I use to keep it shut? Any kind of button, maybe the bag magnets I've got laying around?
But hey, the back of the GPS has 2 strong mangets to keep it on its windshield holder.

Which coin of mine is magnetic? The Indian Tiger? Oh, the One Pound from Egypt wouuld be perfect!

Evening work with a wannabe ipod+inEars case - after sewing the sides while positioning the coin.

Punched a hole into the front and sewed the coin, edges still rough

Edges nice and smooth

I haven't found a good way to dye the leather and I'm not sure if I want to add a line to the edge of the top.
Maybe I'll just leave it as it is and let it age. Most of the time it will lay in the car empty, we'll see how it will stand against the heat and the cold :)