Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Leather fobs, car key cover and bag strap

For my sons, you can guess the names

Bag strap for my mother. She's a nurse (that's why the cross), born in the year of the coin and she's the head of the station (#1)

Coffee maker RF key (on job)

Guess I have to make a new Kennedy fob...
The Indian Rupee is on my work badge, couldn't stand the cheap plastic thingy

Mazda car key cover

Slightly ruined it when I tried to add a Mt. Fuji imprint from an old '1 Sen' coin

Should have done that before sewing but the coin came late :P

I also removed the part that covers the key, you never know when you gonna need it.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Orange peel surface on titanium

Fura Kwaiken with orange peel surface bronze anodized and a pocket prybar/french fries fork made of an orthopedic scrap piece

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Coin toss/ flip coin purse

I've decided to make a simpler coin holder for my 5 Mark 1902

It's meant to be used by my friend for the coin toss at the beginning of the American Football games where he's serving as the head referee

This plan was not the right way to go ;)

Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Punisher

The Punisher, we all know the skull from the comics, movies, etc.
A co-worker made a template for me from a scratch, something I couldn't do I think, to get in made of leather.
But I made the yellow silicon mold and within that I've cast thos red/black heads, one of them with glowing eyes.
Then I've tried several ways to make that blue cast to press the leather.
The light blue skull was the best solution, it's made of another silcone that wouldn't bond with the yellow mold, the same stuff would bond together.

Anyways, it was fun, let's see what comes next ;)

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sanrenmu 811 (8104) and leather stuff

Sanrenmu 9104 front scale/ Sanrenmu 813/ Sanrenmu 9104 CF conversion

Burr on the SRM 813

 ...also on the inside

Polished washers on a shoemaker's knife (Tina is a special brand for shoemaker's and horticulturist knives and tools) and removed burr

First take on a mold to cast a scale, not sure if it will work out as intended, esp. without destroying the mold

It was a nice try but it doesn't work this way :P

Many kids in my first son's kindergarten class have the same (good but cheap) winter boots
To make sure my he comes back with his I made him some "coins" from a badge I had lying around

The red one is made from a souvenir coin from a machine on mount Säntis
The heart was made for a friend of my wife who always has to search for her keys in her bag

A workmate wanted something made of a German 1923 coin because he likes the proverb "Sich regen bringt Segen" Hard work pays off is a good translation but I like "Keep your nose to the grindstone" more, obviously.

I tried two different ways to finish it so I decided to combine the two.

...and then there's the eagle. Next time I'll try to insert the typical parting of the hair and the moustache ;)

Mass shot of a test piece and some key pendants

Red | White | Green | Red | White | Green |Red | White | Green... 

Red | White | Blue | Red | White | BlueRed | White | Blue