Thursday, July 30, 2020

Sanrenmu SRM 9306

Here's my new SRM 9306. Very nice slim knife for $20. Do I like 8Cr13MoV?
Haven't tried edge retention on this one so I can't say but it's a light duty folder so I don't mind.

The thing is, I want to gift it to a friend who destroys every knife within some months anyways, the most important part will be the bottle opener I guess.
And the blade will have greenish-brown residue on a blunt tip on it but by then it won't be my knife anymore, nothing to bother about ;)

Size comparison with the Boker Urban Trapper (01BO732)

I don't know if it will be ever possible to open this knife comfortably with the thumb studs but oiling the tang and opening/closing it a few times helped already.
The closing torque point is a bit smoother than the opening one, so it's a bit difficult to overcome the last few degrees while opening it onehandedly, with two hands it's working very well, even without nail nicks, and it also hold the blade open with enough force.

The etching on the UT is definitely nicer, subtle bronze, one reason not to polish away the scratches it has.